Saturday 8 July 2006

Retail Therapy

Had a nice little trip to Newbury Racecourse to the Artstamps fair. Bought one or two goodies including the Heidi Swapp mask alphabets that I've been coveting for months and months! Can't wait to have a play later! Here's a random pic of Lola - been having fun with my Fuji!

Thursday 6 July 2006

How Much is Too Much?

Following on from my discovery of this blog the other day, here's my attempt at using shed loads of stickers! I've counted 56! Just realised my scanners has cut off one side, but hey-ho! You get the gist! Click on the pic to get it bigger...
I've spent the fourth day in a row making Christmas projects for the Winter Magazine. I REALLY don't feel very festive in July. However yesterday marked my first year's anniversary of joining DO! I'm very lucky to work somewhere where I get paid to scrapbook, plus I have some fab people to work with.
I'm starting to learn to crochet! I have aspirations to make fantastic huge flowers to put on my pages. At the moment I've only created a bit of a lop-sided circle, but at least I can only improve!

Wednesday 5 July 2006

24 withdrawal..

Have only really just gotten over the amazing last two episodes of 24 on Sunday night! It never fails to amaze that this program gets keeps getting better! I won't mention specifics, cause one person who may read this is still on Day 3! Anyway.. here's a pic of Jack to keep us going till next year!

How to keep a newfie cool and other challenges!

When it's 30 degrees, there's really only one thing newfies want... water! It's almost too hot to take the girls out in the car to find a river etc, so a bit of a play with the hose pipe will have to suffice on some days! Although Chloe hates being hosed and skulks back indoors afterwards, Lola loves it!

I've just discovered this blog with some fab challenges, including the current one to create a page using at least 15 stickers. Did mine last night and managed to included 56! Promise I'll scan and upload later today!

Saturday 1 July 2006

New Camera!

After many attempts to resist, I finally succumbed and bought myself the Fuji S5600, and I'm so happy I have no will power! It's absolutely fab and just right for what i need at the moment. A Digi-SLR is all well and good but can you imagine the stress trying to keep slobber, mud and hair out of it, not to mention the fear of it going floating off down the nearest river! I think Newfs and expensive photographic equipment don't really mix! The Fuji means I can 'mess' with all the important settings without the stress! Here's my favourite pic that I've taken so far, and yes I have scrapped it already!

Bad Blogging!

I am a bad bad blogger! Haven't updated for AGES! I've just had two lovely weeks off work, having a fab time out and about with the girls, including lots of swimming. These pics were taken at Hamworthy in Poole Harbour, it's nice and clean, but not a really 'touristy' beach so it's fairly quiet if you get down their early enough, but best of all dogs are allowed all year. Lola loves swimming, the next challenge is to find a smallish boat for her to learn to pull! Funny how Newfs really 'get' retreiving when it involves being up to their necks in water!