Friday 7 January 2011

Piled high

7/365 2011 Damask
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I'm notoriously bad at filing layouts away - i must have a pile about 12inches high of pages waiting to find a home, so I'm quite excited that I've just had a gorgeous pair of albums arrive! They are both this amazing damask print and are of course the essential D-ring. I just can't be bothered messing with post bound ones. Life is far too short!

If the rain carries on at least I have something to keep me busy indoors!

My own bear cub.

6/365 2011 Sleepy Bear
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The last few nights I've really enjoyed watching Gordan Buchanan's latest films about families of Black Bears in the woods of Minnesota (if you missed it it's on iplayer still). Perhaps unsurprisingly there were so many ways that they reminded me of the big black and brown furry creatures that share my home. The way the bears sit right back on their bums with their legs sticking out in front, their huge and mobile noses and the way they amble about in the woods but with the potential for super bursts of speed! I'm just glad Newfies can't climb trees!

So of course yesterdays picture had to be of one of the Newfs. Neither of the girls though wanted to be terribly obliging; Martha drew the short straw and refused to even open one eye! I'm sure she was channeling the bears with a spot of hibernation (she'd definitely be capable of digging the winter den!).

Wednesday 5 January 2011

It's all over.

5/365 2011 Festive Monkey
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So tonight I took all the decorations down for another year. It always seems really sad and I wasn't even close to being sick of them. I guess that's one of the benefits of not putting them up too early!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Macbook Glow

4/365 2011 Macbook Glow
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This little fella arrived a few days ago to replace my ageing laptop and desktop. I love the glow from under the keys so it was the only choice for my first inside 365 shot.

Monday 3 January 2011

Watch the Birdie!

It's back to work tomorrow and for the last day of my hols I took a jaunt down to the coast with the girlies. After a quick dip in the sea (the dogs, not me I hasten to add I took the opportunity to spot a few birds and take a few pics! Being the winter there were plenty of seasonal visitors and everything I shot was a new species for me so quite exciting!

These are Brent Geese... they are small for a goose and very cute. They were merrily swimming and feeding in the water at Keyhaven...

Brent Geese

And browsing the grass just down the road.

Brent Geese

This little coot was in a hurry to come over and be photographed.

3/365 2011 Coot

And these little people are Turnstones.



It's funny how wielding a nice big lens makes people desperate to get out of your way when you are taking pics, my 'little' Sigma 150-500 is definitely a significant beast and a couple of people nearly hurled themselves in the water to avoid crossing my sights or disturbing the wildlife! You don't get that with a camera phone!

Sunday 2 January 2011

Let there be light!

2/365 2011 Martha
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Now I don't want to shock you but two days into 2011 and I'm back for second time! Today was the first time in a very long time that we saw the smallest glimpse of sun from out of the thick dark cloud and it was the perfect chance for a lovely long walk with the girlies at out favourite spot in the New Forest.

Lola and Martha had a fabulous time snuffing about in the furrows created by the Forest Pigs while rooting out acorns and I took the opportunity to grab a quick pic of Martha Moo in some nearly reasonable light!

In other news I received a WII among my pressies this year and can confirm that I rule at both Boxing and Tennis... The golf is a whole other story!!! Any suggestions for more games gratefully received!

Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

1/365 2011 Strolling
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It's been a while. So as part of my attempt to blog a bit more often I've decided to start a 365 photo project. With my new Mac finally arrived (a very long story!) I'm inspired to get a shot taken and edited everyday and the cunning 'blog it' link on flickr might just make this all a but easier.

I only managed 98 days of photos last year, so hope to emulate my success of 2009 where I completed the whole project!

So here's number one. A lovely big pig strolling through the wintery New Forest. Here's to the next 364.