Saturday 31 May 2008

Donkey defender!

After a bit of a crop with some of the girls this morning, a little jaunt out to the forest was in order this afternoon. This was the uber-friendly donkey foal from a few days ago and he had a narrow escape from a few tourists who were insistent they wanted to feed him some of their picnic... i couldn't resist gently telling them off!!! I half expected them to whip out some KFC!

Friday 30 May 2008

Bath day!

Had a busy, busy day up in Bath today for the sign off of the gorgeous (even if we do say so ourselves!) Creativity Life magazine, but it wasn't all nose to the grindstone! It was decided that Becks needed a new Editor pic and an impromptue photoshoot was in order! This was our favourite, but sadly not the one we chose!

On the way home I saw this amazing little fella in Circus Mews... apparantly there are 100 around Bath... i think i need to go back to find a few more!!

Girl on film...


Thursday 29 May 2008

She's Loving It!

Spa day today and it was Lola's first swim off the hoist and in the words of Lisa - She's Loving It!

Quick vid to follow once You Tube starts behaving!


I wanted to share a couple of pages from last mights crop, both using the May Studio Calico kit. Looking at them together i think i may be giving into my spot obsession again!

I'm loving Sassafras Lass at the moment, it just seems to go with every picture and with every other product! Gorgeous!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Just Martha...

Just a few pics of my gorgeous girlie in the garden tonight... I think the first and last are my faves, such an expressive little thing!

Come back tomorrow for a couple of pages from tonights crop... where a total blast was had by all!!

Watch out!!

I flippin' love BasicGrey! One minute it's all sophisticated and demure the next it's just mental! It's quite rare for me to make a card nowadays, but i can't resist a dino!!

Click here for more details!

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Bath time

The new challenge is up at A True Friend, and this week it's Bath Time! Pop along and see all the fab pages! Mine features Martha after her bath last week, which she loves of course as it involves water! I've used lots of bits from the May Studio Calico kit including lots of scrummy Sassafras Lass. I've also used some Doodlebug alphas, various journaling blocks that i've procured from Etsy and my favourite, some fantastic Core'dinations cardstock which I've crumpled and sanded to reveal it's pale turquoise innards!

Close Encounter!

Took Lola and Martha for a little paddle this evening, and came across a third baby donkey in the area quite by accident! This pair were extra friendly though and soon trotted over to say hello! (The girls were back in the car at this point of course!) They pushed right up against me and demanded to be stroked! Sooooo cute!

And to finish off a very brave bunny!

The next big thing?


Just imagine..... Newfy + Lobster outfit = GOOD!


I'm loving the May Studio Calico kit at the moment, here's another page, with a few other goodies thrown in for good measure! (BG Archaic Dino Chip-stickers for one!)

There are a few bit's of a Prima Paintable on this one and although I love them, life is a bit too short to be using water colour pencils or *real* paint on them... my quick cheat? Whispers Brushmarkers plus a water brush! No mess, quick, easy and portable... sorted!

Up top...

Check out my new Header!! It's a sneak peak of my page for the next True Friend Challenge which should be up later today!!

Monday 26 May 2008

The Resurrection...

After a very sad laundering mishap, I attempted a last gasp chance of life for my iPod... and after a few days in the airing cupboard it's WORKING!! The screen is a bit damaged, and the wheel is a bit less responsive but it's doing the most important thing... playing music! Hurrah!

So as you'd expect on a bank holiday Monday (and especially following a day of gorgeous warm weather) we were granted a night and day of pouring rain! A little trip to the Forest was in order to flood-spot! Just as a comparison, this is the ford across one of the roads where Martha likes to paddle. This is the sight on Sunday... the measure you can see in the background shows '0' where the lowest point of the road is, and as you can see it's about 6 inches below that....

And here's the scene at about lunchtime today! Yes, that's 3 feet of water in 24 hours!! It was even a bit fierce for Martha, who had to be content with splashing about on the grass nearby!

There were a few peeps with cameras, hanging about, and everyone nearly experienced a very scary sight, one chap in a Landrover started to attempt to cross the ford, but thought better of it once he spotted the measure!

Sunday 25 May 2008

2 funny girls.... and Lola and Martha!

So today was the day of the new BBQ christening and very good it was too! Although I can't really claim responsibility for the yummy food because Joe cooked it! A couple bottles of Pinot didn't hurt either! Here's Sandie and Anita enjoying the miracle of sunny weather on a Bank Holiday weekend!

Lola and Martha enjoyed themselves too!

Martha especially loved the BBQ! Her first in our garden!

Eurovision last night was fantastic, lots of cheesy goodness and much hilarity from Terry Wogan... although the voting is a bit of a sham... think i'll turn off after the songs next year!

Saturday 24 May 2008

Strepsils rule....

After a little wander this morning, i'm feeling rather fragile this evening, but it's not all disaster because i'm curled up on the sofa with Eurovision.... more on that later!!

Friday 23 May 2008

Caught on Camera!

So just to prove the roadshows aren't all about hysterics and frivolity, I was sooo busy up at Lingfield, I only managed to snap one measley pic! But it's a cracker, lovely Emma with her gorgeous new Papermania Logo.

Here's looking forward to some proper catching up hun!!!

Thursday 22 May 2008

Annual Cheese Festival

The Eurovision song contest is a wonderfully cheesy annual ritual, but it's now even better than it used to be... we also get to see the two semi finals! While I'm waiting for the results of tonight here's my fave from tonight... (the Pirates of the Sea were a close second!!!)

Wide Mouth Frog or Newfy?

All a girl needs is a 50mm.... (but i;m still not giving up the rest!)

So me and my Nifty Fifty are off to Lingfield to see those crazy kids on the Roadshows... lot's of pics tomorrow... including hopefully lots of incriminating ones!!

Wednesday 21 May 2008

New Toys

mAfter watching the gorgeous weather we are having through the window while I was at work today, I couldn't wait to rush out to take Martha for a swim after work! And thankfully the weather held on and we had a great time splashing about!!

I was glad today to be asked by the Papermania team to create some projects to be featured on the packaging of some cool new products, it's loads of fun to be the first to play with new toys! I can't share yet, sorry!

Tuesday 20 May 2008

What do you get if you mix.... iPod with a washing machine? The answer is rather sad... if you look closely you can even see water behind the LCD. So if anyone knows a good deal on iPods, let me know! I'm thinking a classic might be a winner, at least if it's a bit bigger i'm less likely to lose/wash it!

And just on a cheerier note, here's a baby cow in the Forest!! I think he's a Devon, so he's a couple of counties far over!

Getting stuck in!

The May Studio Calico kit is gorgeous, but last night was my first chance to rip it apart and get stuck in! Here's my first couple of pages using it.

Monday 19 May 2008

Just a girl...

Check out my big grown up girl with he lovely neat ears! Bless!

Sunday 18 May 2008

Simple Solution...

What's the best way to turn a tired and very hot puppy into a crazy bouncy bear? Just Add Water! Of course once you've hosed a Newfy, everything else soon gets wet too! Including me!

Ear ere!

I've started the very stressful job of trimming ears! It's Martha's first time and she's a bit of a wriggly monster, so it's going to be a work in progress! You can kind-of see them in these couple of pics from yesterday - she's looking sooo grown up with them a bit less fluffy!

Are you ready?

Finally i've photographed a few pages to share!

This last page is a bit special because of the gorgeous pink swirly acetate and cute chipboard, it's a little sneak peak of something coming in July!