Friday 19 June 2015

The selfie enigma

I've never been a fan of being photographed - this is part of the reason I'm a photographer, and while the rest of the world is seemingly obsessed with the selfie I'm not really a fan. I do take the rare picture on a good hair day or in interesting light , but I'm hyper critical and after taking a million shots to get one I like, I often go to town on the filters to hide imperfections!


#tfifriday #myrealshirt #summer #hat


But weirdly there is one sort of selfie that I rarely take more than one shot of and that gets posted as would be described as #nofilter. Even more strangely these selfies are taken when you'd likely think I'd consider myself looking my worst. It's the post-run or post-race selfie.


I'm sweaty, tired, red faced, my fringe is scraped back but most importantly I'm blissfully happy. I don't care about any of the other things. I see strength, achievement, and contentment in these shots. I see the satisfaction of crossing the finishing line, I see tough training runs and I see PBs. I'm proud to post them to my Instagram.

Goddamn PB!! #womensrunning #10k #southampton


Juneathon update - I'm calling today's run an easy pace 6km, because I tried to run slow and steady, but in reality it's so damn hot and humid, it was as hard as hell! I even took my hydration pack to let me take on a bit of water. Oh and I got chased by an out of control dog. Fun times!


Robert Anthony said...

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