Wednesday 30 April 2008

Crop night

Before popping to the crop tonight I took a few pics of Martha galloping about in the fading light with her favourite rope toy! She loves playing pulling, retrieving and shaking it!

Crop was great fun this evening with lots of laughs and a bit of shopping with Craft Obsessions Head Honcho, David coming along to show off his wares! He was without his better half this evening so the girls were extra cheeky with him!

I mostly played with my new Homegrown Scapbooks Spring Survival kit which is simply MAHOOSIVE! Sooo much to rifle through and play with and I can't believe it snuck through customs! I'll try to get some scanning done tomorrow to share my pages!

Tuesday 29 April 2008


Martha loves *her* garden, she's got it just how she likes it with some nice holes and a selection of sticks and toys to play with. She's got a lovely pond to have a drink from, but best of all, at this time of year there are Badgers! Thankfully they aren't right inside the garden, but they hang out just the other side of the fence and make a horrific amount of noise! Badgers are pretty vicious and i really worry they could get through to each other (especially when you consider that I put the fence up so it's not super strong!) I think they must have babies at the moment so are extra fierce!

Here's Martha enjoying a bit of evening sun today in the garden inbetween the torrential rain showers.

Monday 28 April 2008


OMG! Just caught the end of 'Paul Merton In China' and he was visiting a restuarant where they were serving D.O.G! I know it's all about different cultures and how we look at different species of animal, but that's not the point of this post... When asked which type of dog was the best delicacy, a diner proclaimed.. 'Brown dog, followed by Black dog'... don't think my girls stand a chance!

Blue Skies up above

I find it so uplifting and cleansing to get up on the high ground up in the forest and bask in the blue skies. And with these gorgeous dramatic clouds it's even better! Whatever my day has been like, it aways makes me feel better!

And of course I can't visit the Forest without taking some pony pics! This little shetland was such a cutie!

Sunday 27 April 2008


YET another NF foal! I'm obsessed with these little cuties at the moment!

Saturday 26 April 2008

Foal City!

The New Forest today was like the National Stud! NF Pony foals everywhere and galloping aroung enjoying the early summer sun! Fabulous!

Friday 25 April 2008

Scrap Happy!

Furiously scrapping with my favourite aunt... as it's cyber crop Friday.

So while I continue scrapping here's one of my many pictures from today's picture taking extravaganza!

Thursday 24 April 2008


...a really cute (and friendly!) donkey, while i'm busy furiously printing pictures!

I'm pledging my intention.... 'Scrap my Day'... a wonderful concept by Shimelle to record the everyday and the extrordinary one day each month... and tomorrow's the day..
I've decided to customise the list of the essential photos a little... I don't fancy snapping my sad sandwich at work, or my thrilling bowl of cereal for breakfast, so this is my list...
  • Alarm clock as I wake
  • The view from a window at home
  • Martha and Lola!
  • Self Portrait
  • Alarm clock as I go to bed.

I may add to this daily list as I do it tomorrow, but I'll also add various shots of the fun and/or mundane for each 25th!

My album is all prepared - i'll share a pic later... and i'm *very* excited!

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Up close and personal

Had a lovely evening tonight, with Sandie hosting one of Jo's Stampin Up parties. Jo was a total pro and we even had a fun little make and take of the fun little package she's wielding in this pic! Took a few snaps of all the girls, but was made to swear not to share on here! I'll do a page tho' and post that instead! Mwah haha!

Martha also came along (and played in the garden!) and while we were preparing for Jo's arrival I busied myself taking a few snaps of her ladyship! (Martha that is... not Jo!) Ironically this outtake was my favourite... I had my 10-20mm ultra wide lens on and was up close hoping for a few fun shots, but Martha decided I wasn't quite close enough and though the lens could do with a wash! A perfect example of why you need a UV filter protecting you lens!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Rosy Posy Pie

Did a little light scrapping this evening including a page for the lovely Anita! Can't share yet but i'll scan and upload once it's been delivered!

A little picture today of Lola having a roam round the garden... bless her cotton socks!

Doesn't bode well!

Like many people iGoogle homepage is my saviour! Everything I need in one place, including my daily horoscope. I don't hold much with them generally but this one sounds like I could have a dramatic day!

'You may not be willing to put up with any nonsense today. Your emotional fuse is short and your reaction to other people's shortcomings could be swift. Keep in mind that your impatience with others might be a result of your own frustration. Expressing what's in your heart will probably feel great in the moment, but could disrupt your routine. Decide in advance if it will be worth it.'

Monday 21 April 2008

It's here!

Hurrah! My April Studio Calico kit is here and it was sooo worth the wait! Ripped it open as soon as I got home and LOVE it all!!

Today was what is affectionatly referred to as Lola's 'Spa Day' aka Hydrotherapy! However with the resistance jets she now has to work her ass off! She's getting really fit so we have to really 'work' the enthusiasm and encouragement or she just floats about! So after circuiting the pool for 30mins I'm a bit knackered too!

Sunday 20 April 2008

She's so lovely!

There seems to be a trend developing of people (including me!) signing to my girls! Lola gets, Copacabana (...her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...), Lola by the Kinks (Lo-lo-lo-lo-Lola) and Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughn - it all depends on the age of the singer! Martha of course gets Martha My Dear by the Beatles... there aren't many more Martha songs that I know of!! But of course there are plenty of other songs that can fit the bill! As the title of this post suggests She's So Lovely by Scouting for Girls is a current fave - and it's no surprise when you see this pic of her today!

The best thing of course about wonderful and apt lyrics are that they are perfect for stealing for scrapboo page titles, it's something I do regularly, so next time you are doing a page, instead of struggling for a title, think of a song that reminds you of the person or thing you are scrapping and unashamedly nick a line or two!

Saturday 19 April 2008

It's not easy being green... er... brown!

Just had to share a pic of what could be the soppiest Newfy in the world ever! Martha spent a good ol' chunk of this evening snuggled up on the sofa (well, I was squished in one teeny corner!). She didn't seem all that interested in watching Dr who though! And yes she is resting her delicate little head on a furry cushion - notice it's Martha coloured!?

Why does it always rain on me?

Although I was safely tucked up warm in the car the same couldn't be said for this poor little waif! It's rained all day today and i think that today was also this little person's first! What a day to be born into!

Nowt much else to report today i'm afraid, as I'm still attempting to recuperate from my ongoing disease!!!

Friday 18 April 2008

No.... it's not plastic!

So on on my way to stock up on remedies from the chemist for my ongoing and expanding contagian (hate being ill), I spotted this AMAZING sight! It's a totally white deer! It's just as well I'm a saddo and carry my camera EVERYWHERE! I still can't believe this girl (i'm assuming...) is real!!

Thursday 17 April 2008

I defy you to.....

...find anything cuter than this little guy! I was so happy to grab this little sequence of him galloping along, full of youthful vigour! Oh yeah... and a random little cow at the end!!

What a treat!

There's a new challenge over at A True Friend, and the theme this time is food and treats! It was a fun challenge and if you fancy joining in, please do so! Don't forget to post your page in the comments section over on the blog.
My page was using my loooong lasting March Studio Calico kit plus a few bits and pieces including the uber scrummy BasicGrey - Sugared - buttons.

Also if you are a scrapbooker owned by any sort of a pet, check out the design team call over on the same blog!

Wednesday 16 April 2008

I like the way you move!

Out in the (almost too bright!) sunshine after work for a few pics of the girls... and all I can say is 6.5fps rocks!

The Mother of all page posts!

I finally got round to scanning some of my recent pages, lots more seemed to be reluctant to scan sensibly so hidden they'll have to stay! I'm not giving them a second chance! Lots of these are using the March Studio Calico kit of which I only have a few dregs left!

Sudio Calico March plus some yummy trim.
Dreamstreet papers and some of my Prima mountain!

Studio Calico again

And again!

Hambley, KI and various bits and pieces

More SC!

Yet more!

More SC (Do you see a pattern emerging here?)

Yes... and more! plus some trims and ribbons I 'aquired' from my fave Auntie!

And some more!

Scenic Route Grafton and a plethora of flowers and scary big gems from the year dot, which i'm loving at the moment!

More SC!

Yes... more!

Scenic Route and Hambley, this one was for the 'Lavender Lovlies' challenge over on UKS a couple of weeks ago! Sorry I'm rubbish at uploading Anita!

Do I even need to say?.... SC!

After all those i've realised how much i've managed to chop bits off when scanning! You'll just have to take my word for it that they make sense in real like!

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!

Today was my lovely girl Lola's birthday and this evening we had a little party for her! Some nice party food and lots of fun! As you can see much fun was had by all including Martha!

She's 4 this year... getting to be a proper grown up girl now!! Now I just need to break out some Basic Grey Cupcake to scrap the pics!