Thursday 28 September 2006

Over Excited!

I'm all packed and ready for Scrap Camp! (well except for minor details like clothes!) I can't wait to take Elsie's class on Sat morning, I can feel it in my bones that it's going to be an inspiration! I've totally over packed! A whole Robox full and my AMM tote... But it's still less than i take to a 3hr crop, so i'm fairly smug!
Had a fantastic time yesterday.. Went with Emma up to Origin publishing to judge the 'do crafts' category in their Card Maker of the year comp. The girls were all totally fantastic and we also had a lovely lunch in a very snazzy restaurant. Most fun of all was the Thelma and Louise stylee road trip (sadly minus Brad Pitt!) in the boss's company car! Stereo on full blast and lots of excessively loud singing! Must get out more often!

Monday 25 September 2006

Birthday Weekend Memories....

Or should that be lack of?? After picking up my fabby little car on Friday morning, we had a fantastic night out with the girlies on Friday night. Started at Emma's (Scrapstar) for a preparatory glass of vino, followed by pub, indian and more pub! Don't remember much more than that! Didn't sleep at all Friday night so was a little tired on Saturday! Rest of the weekend was fairly quiet, walked the dogs etc and Sandie and Joe came over for dinner on Sunday night. Received loads of Stash related goodness for pressies! Today the girlies at work surprised me with fantastic goodies too!! Fantastic pink dice and other gorgeousness!! Pic is a self portrait of me and the big fluffy diva on my Birthday!

Thursday 21 September 2006

News of all types!

Ooops! I'm quite possibly the worst blogger in the world! Loads of news the last couple of weeks! Firstly I was very excited to be welcomed onto the Scrap Fairies Design Team! Very excited and proud and can't wait to get started!
I've also bought myself a new little car! It's a Citroen C1 with a 1.4 HDi engine so is really nippy! Bit worried my Robox etc won't fit in the boot, but I guess the seats can always go flat! I'm picking it up tomorrow morning so have the day off! It's also a little early Birthday present to myself! (Sunday) The pictures show him (not sure why he's a he!) naked without his number plate on Sat when i chose him! But by now he should be fully clothed! And no... there's no way Lola and Chloe will fit.... The dogmobile remains for that purpose!
Got a night out planned tomorrow night (any excuse to drag out my Birthday a little longer!) Nice civilised Indian Restaurant followed by not so civilised pub! Hopefully get a bit of scrapping done too over the weekend, had a fab time at the crop last night with my bestest scrapping pals including my partners in crime, Em and Lou!! I was a little scared when Emma revealed she was doing a page all about me! (More evidence of a previous night out!!) But it was so lovely I forgave her! She's such a sweetie!