Saturday 30 June 2007

Honoured to be mojo'd!

Woke up to a fantastic surprise this morning, the wonderful team over at Mojo Holder have lifted one of my pages! It's extra special because it's one of my pages of Chloe. Poor Chloe doesn't get as much of a look in as Lola and Martha because she's the least compliant model! She's 11 now and getting much slower and creaky so it's great to see her looking so gorge!

As well as the regular team, their guest DT member this month is Ally - my old Sunset Scrappers teamie! Hi Ally! The pages all look great and I can't wait to see what others come up with! Thanks so much for this great treat girls! It's especially nice as i'm feeling a bit poorly at the mo.
I've been a bit of a scrapping demon this month! I'm on course for doing about 60 pages! Truly scary! I think i need to get out and take a few more pictures, or i'll be struggling next month! Here's just a couple of them.

Martha was 6 months this week and as of today officially weighs 46.4kg! Thanks 102lb in old money! I think she's gonna be a whopper, she's as tall as Lola already!

Tuesday 19 June 2007

Top ten!

Today saw the new challenge on A True Friend This time the challenge was to record ten reasons why you love your pet. Quite a challenge with a naughty puppy! - Only kidding!! I took this as the perfect excuse to break out the Love Elsie - Betty collection, I even used the fabric paper!! Most impressed with myself for using it!
There are some awesome pages on there this time (again!) including Corenna's fab mini book about Simba.

Lola's now had her second dose of hydrotherapy - very scary for us cause i'm so scared of her hurting her leg! It's all very dramatic - because we can't risk her slipping so she has to be winched in! Very scary! The hydrotherapy centre, Dorset Aqua Dogs are totally fantastic - hugely knowledgeable and incredibly efficient and caring - Just right for fussy owners like me!

Thursday 14 June 2007

Guerilla Bagging

What a fantastic concept this is... Not only creating fantastic bags, but helping to prevent marine life being harmed by discarded carrier bags. I've got a huge amount of fabric, and have been meaning to learn to make a fancy lined tote. But this concept sits much more comfortably with me. Please visit the site and join in!!

Saturday 9 June 2007

My space

Ok.... i've resisted this long, but a prompt of 'furry' on Her Space My Space can't be ignored, so here it is! Just need to find some cheese for yesterdays' and i'm all caught up!

Grateful for...

I'm a bit late, but better late than never! I'm finally getting round to uploading my 'I'm grateful' page for the Scrapbooking The Secret blog. There's obviously so many things that i'm grateful for, my family, my gorgeous Newfies, my job, health etc etc, but I wanted to recognise the one person who keeps me sane all day! (I've even used my new Love Elsie papes etc! Now that's friendship!) Wuv you mate!!
Not only is she hilarious, a fantastic listener and so much fun, she's even getting over her nervousness of dogs around my beasts. Check out Emma's blog here too!