Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shoe shopping anxiety

I'm on my third pair of the same Nike trainers that I've been wearing since I started running (fourth pair in total if you count the ropey pair that I traded up from after the first run of Couch to 5K. But it looks like I'm not going to be able to get hold of another pair as they seem to have been discontinued, so the search is on for some new shoes. I did pick up some Asics trail shoes from TK Maxx and the classic 'do they feel comfy?' method of shoe selection seems to be holding up at least so far. 7.5km on the trails and some tarmac this evening and no twinges so far.

However nice they might be though, I'm not sure I can use these knobbly soled lovelies for road running so I think It might be time for a bit of shoe shopping. According to my physio I've got flat feet and I over-pronate so I guess I *could* pop along to the shops and pick up something else intended for my general sort of flipper feet that just feels really nice or I could man-up and face my fear of the treadmill! I tell anyone who asks me about running shoes how important it is to get your gait assessed but never having run on a treadmill I'm almost certain I'll fall off it! Maybe the solution to all of this is at least get someone to film me on it so I can spend the £250 of 'You've been framed' money on shiny new shoes!

Juneathon update - Day 25. As mentioned above - 7.5km post work at an easy effort after pushing the pace yesterday. Wore my new trail Asics and Aftershokz headphones (review coming soon). Both were great!


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