Friday 13 April 2007

What Katy Needs -

Spotted this on Elsie's blog and couldn't resist for a Friday...

Katy needs a pony! - I've got massive doggies - does that count?

Katy needs every ounce of her courage - At the moment... oh yes!

Katy needs a new liver - Oi!!! I don't drink that much! - Do I?

Katy needs check up’s less frequently - Thank god!

Katy needs your help - Or needs help... fullstop?

Katy needs a level table or surface to put papermaking equipment on and a source of electricity - Ironic

Katy needs significant. attention before pricing - Wha!!?

Katy needs: to get home, and get home soon - It's Friday! Damn right!

Katy needs an assistant - Have I mentioned this??

Katy needs to wear a ball gown - I really don't... although it might be good preparation for Emma's wedding!!!

katy needs a skatepark - Not sure what i'd do with one? Rent it out for an extortionate fee?

katy needs a hug - See second on list...

Now good news!! I was thrilled to be one of the winners of a Tee from the Effer Dare last week! I never win anything so am a little bit excited! Hurrah!

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