Wednesday 8 August 2007

You can't fight fate!

Ali Edwards is always inspiring, but today's AEzine really struck a chord - I've been chatting with Emma about scrapping everyday life including how works affects us all, so Ali's prompt to create a little something each day, telling a story about that day came just at the right time. For me the best way to get these stories down is to blog them as they happen, so that's what i'm going to do. Here's the first of many!!

I don’t hold much for horoscopes, only when they tell me what I want to hear – so when I read today’s I was so up for a day of playing!

'Even with the current conflict between your head and your heart, you can still feel a deep sense of well-being that is most welcome in your life now. It doesn't matter what you should be doing today; self-indulgence may win out over your responsibilities. So, why bother fighting the inevitable? Go ahead and play today; life's too short not to enjoy it.'

It’s the start of the UKS mini summer cyber crop today and I’m a bit bitter about being at work.. do you think I can squeeze all three classes in when I get home?? If Martha has anything to do with it, it’s unlikely!!

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