Friday 2 November 2007

Halloween's hard work for a busy Newfy girl!

'First I need to pick my outfit!'


'Devil ?'
'Knife Victim?'

'Then I need to pick my pumpkin.... '

'Carve it!'

'Phew! Need a rest!'
'Just in time for a bit of apple bobbing!'
'Yummy! Munch!'


Kim Langston said...

Busy night indeed... hilarious chain of events in photos!!!

kushi said...

So sweet!!!!

Jo said...

She really is SUPER GIRL! lol

pemmie said...

awww, lovely pics but that knife one really does look a bit 'OUCH' lol

Beautiful dog :)

kay said...

What lovely pics, I thought I was the only mad newfie owner to dress up the dogs but I have met my match, you are totally barking mad, just like me. Kay Robinson