Friday 5 June 2009

Fabulous Friday!

I can't believe Friday has rushed round already, this week has gone super fast but I am glad the weekend is here! I've not done ANY scrapping this week, but have page or two planned tonight! I realise though that I haven't shared my page for last weeks times Scrap Schemes (smack wrists!) so here it is! I've used the yummy scrum WRM Tiffany's collection - and even though it's a terrible, terrible scan you can get the gist!

As yesterday was the local and Europena elections I popped down to my local polling station bright and early ( I suspect I was one of the first!). I strongly feel that voting is hugely important - people died for our right to vote (and people today, in some places are still dying for the right). I'm always surprised when there is apathy among people about voting - I spoke to lots of people yesterday who had 'no interest in politics' - a fact I find really sad and rather worrying. I realise there is a lot of mistrust with politicians at the moment (but then what's new?!) but by staying away from the polls as a protest seems a waste of our democratic rights and is likely to only let undesirable elements seize greater power. Only by voting do we have any right to complain about the system!

Rant over!

And so onto a few pics! I totally failed to get an election related picture yesterday... but instead I spotted this gorgeous canopy of leaves...

My veg (a lot of which is in colourful trugs) continues to grow at an ever increasing rate - these are the smaller of my potato batches...
And these are my cabbages, with some sprouts at the very back!
And of course a couple of newf pics for good measure!


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