Thursday 13 August 2009

Dropped off the face of the earth!

120809 Jowls
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It's been a while, so in a vain attempt to get back to regular blogging I thought i'd share a pic of the Brown Bear. As usual Martha loves having her photo taken and gets quite excited hence a bit of barking and plenty of jowl flapping!

I've just had the September issue of Creativity magazine hit my desk and it looks fantastic in the flesh! It won't hit the shops for another couple of weeks yet, but keep an eye out then for it!

Went out for a much needed evening out with the team last night, we enjoyed a yummy mexican meal and plenty of raucous laughter to go along with it! Of course I forgot my camera so perhaps thankfully there is no evidence!

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Dawn said...

Pleased to hear you are keeping well and had a lovely evening out - can't wait to see all the new product. xxx