Wednesday 4 August 2010

Size isn't everything!

A couple of weeks ago I put a little order in with everyone’s favourite online retailer and order one of these babies!

It’s a Pogo Printer by Polaroid and with just a teeny tiny unit that’s barely bigger than my memory card holder (and waaaaay smaller that my camera!). It has a rechargeable battery and simply connects up to a pict-bridge enabled camera or blue tooth phone to print the pics. It doesn’t even take ink, instead it uses clever Polaroid paper with crystals inside! (if that doesn’t sound like alien technology, then I don’t know what does!)

At less than 20quid I couldn’t resist the opportunity to print cute little pics especially if they were going to have ‘that’ Polaroid feel to them. I wasn’t disappointed! The pics are only a coule of inches across, but are perfect for multi photo layouts and they do have that Polaroid retro quality.

I've done a couple of pages using them and they won't be the last!


Kerry said...

Oooh, new gadget love, especially as I really like little pics thanks for the heads up.
Great layouts glad to see you back in the land of scrapping/blogging.

Jo said...

oooh going off to search on 'that' website now.. just hoping that I get the right one.. lol.

Melanie Marshall said...

It's on Amazon :D I was thinking of getting one last christmas but was worried about the cost of the photo paper or it being discontinued.. might have to definitely stick it on my list this year though.. hehe!! YOU TEASE!!

Gorgeous pictures and I love your chicks, they're so darn cute! Really suit the kraft era ;)

Rhine Bernardino said...

wow.. the pogo printer is really cool!
to bad Polaroid stopped producing something so incredible, but this printer
is really cool.


Anonymous said...

Being really dumb here which retailer lol x
Jo x i need one lol