Thursday 7 October 2010

Not so Happy Eggs.

When a company bases all their advertising and marketing around a moral principle, it’s all the more sickening when it’s revealed that they are guilty of abusing this principle. That’s the feeling I have today after viewing the Sky News story about the conditions that the laying hens from the Happy Egg company are kept in.

The picture of hens happily grazing green field and riding an a quad bike (which I’m sure my chickens would love!) couldn’t be further from the truth. From the footage it’s appears little better than the battery cages that are so well publicized as being cruel.

I’m so glad I can be totally sure where the eggs I eat come from. Please support your local garden hen keeper… it’s the only way you can know the truth.

290609 Jolene


Vintage Milly said...

Very thought provoking Katie, I hate it when this type of thing happens, I always feel like I have had my money stolen from me if I ever fell into the trap of buying something because I was intentionally or unintentionally led to believe it was something it atually isn't. I don't eat eggs tho as they really don't like me ;o( but I am definiteley becoming a bit more savvy now about advertising because of things that happen just like this,
best wishes,

Debbie said...

Totally agree with you Katie. That's why we have our own Chickens. The eggs you get in the shops taste nothing like a fresh laid egg. xxx

Dawn said...

I quite agree! This type of misleading advertising shouldn't be allowed!My MIL keeps chickens in her garden & the eggs taste amazing!
Big Hugs
Dawn x