Monday 25 March 2013

Three Things.

I refuse to leave a year between blog posts. Refuse. But apparently I'm good with leaving 10 months.

I know busy isn't an excuse, and when your best friend is a PRing, blogging, one-woman dynamo it's hard to tell them that you don't have time for a quick blog post here and there, when they clearly fit it in among 2 (nearly 3) kids, work and so much more!

So here are a three highly recommend things (apart from work, work and work) that have been keeping me entertained (and probably distracted from blogging) in the last few weeks.

1. The Walking Dead. Once February hits this 'squee' inducing work of art is priority number one. If you follow me on Pinterest, probably with the expectation that you will see a cornucopia of crafty inspiration, then you'll most likely be disappointed, as the large bulk of my pins are slightly geeky (and proud) references to TV and film, with the current barrage being Walking Dead and therefore Daryl Dixon related. If you're already a fan of this series you'll SO get this.

2. The Great Outdoors. While I'm just getting to the point where I NEED some sunshine in my life, I'm not one to shy away from getting out and about in the winter months. With two Newfies who never feel the cold it would be a little futile if I was!

3. Goats. If you've not seen this you must be the last person in the world. I'm REALLY not a Taylor Swift fan, but I do like a good screaming goat. Enjoy.

I promise not to leave it another 10 months. Promise.

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Beckie said...

Yah!! Omgoodness so funny that video!! Little person loves taylor swift we were LOAO!!!!