Sunday 4 May 2014

Does this mean I'm officially a runner?

So I set off this morning full of optimism, but a bit nervous of the prospect of running for 20mins non-stop for run three of week five of the Couch to 5K program. I fired up my iPhone app and a very chipper Laura (the voice and coach of the NHS C25K programme) greeted me and assured me that 'I could do this' and that she'd 'be there every step of the way' letting me know how I was getting on. 

So I breezed my way through 5 lovely minutes of warm up and Laura cheerfully informed me it was time to start running. I was at the point on my route where this usually happens and all was good with the world. Off I trotted and although I felt a little heavy legged to start with, after my first hill (which occurs about 60secs in) I was doing ok.

I continued on my usual route and I got to where I usually am about 8mins in and I expected to hear from Laura to tell me this was how far I'd done half way through my last run but no. 'Ok' I thought, 'perhaps she's holding out for half way - she's such a cheeky tinker!'. But no. Nothing. I don't want to fish my phone out as this is sure to disturb my rhythm, so i keep running. And running. And running. No sign of Laura. Bitch.

After what seemed like an eternity I decided to slow down to a walk and have a look at my phone. App is running (no I hadn't paused it by mistake!!) and says i've been running for 4 mins. FOUR! Now sadly I didn't take notice of what time I left the house (think I need a watch) but I know it's not 9mins ago. I'm thinking nearer 40. 

But all is not lost. I use a Fitbit so I fire up that app and it proclaims I've had 42 active minutes and have covered 4.34 miles so far today (I've only been up and down the garden to sort the chickens and dogs a couple of times before heading out)!!!

Once I got home I've fired up the ol' laptop and plotted the route I ran today. I ran for EXACTLY 5K. 5K!! 

So Laura. I'm not happy you let me down when I needed you most, but I'm ECSTATIC that I can officially run 5K! And definitely in less than 40mins for my first ever try. Happy Days.

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