Tuesday 19 June 2007

Top ten!

Today saw the new challenge on A True Friend This time the challenge was to record ten reasons why you love your pet. Quite a challenge with a naughty puppy! - Only kidding!! I took this as the perfect excuse to break out the Love Elsie - Betty collection, I even used the fabric paper!! Most impressed with myself for using it!
There are some awesome pages on there this time (again!) including Corenna's fab mini book about Simba.

Lola's now had her second dose of hydrotherapy - very scary for us cause i'm so scared of her hurting her leg! It's all very dramatic - because we can't risk her slipping so she has to be winched in! Very scary! The hydrotherapy centre, Dorset Aqua Dogs are totally fantastic - hugely knowledgeable and incredibly efficient and caring - Just right for fussy owners like me!


Lis said...

Suc an cute layout!!

Kelly said...

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