Friday 6 November 2009

Three Things...

Three things that I'm loving at the moment... the first is above!

1. A friend at work recommended the 'Joco Looks Back' album by the amazing Jonathan Coulton and I dutifully downloaded from iTunes... and I wasn't disappointed! The whole album is awesome, but with Christmas galloping towards us the track above seemed apt to share.. but you HAVE to check out Re: Brains as well!

2. I was lucky to get the heads up on a code for a free box from the Graze. Basically you sign up and once a week (or however often you like) you get a wonderful little box containing nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit in the post. I've signed up to get mine delivered to work and it certainly caused quite a stir in the office! The selection was wonderful and I wasn't even tempted to visit the office tuck box, instead tucking into dried raspberries, spicy almonds and more!

Even better, if you'd like to try a free box, I have a code to share too! Simply sign up and use code - DQHY7HHA to get your first box free!

3. How I met your Mother. E4's new comedy offering is pure class... I'd go so far as to say it's MUCH better than Friends (especially when you've seen all the episode 25 times!) The highlight has to be Neil Patrick Harris (he was Dooge Howser MD back in the day!) who is simply hilarious! I urge you to check it out

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6p00e54ef469fe8834 said...

I get Graze boxes, I love them (especially those hot green nuts and the bakewell tart selection - YUM!)