Tuesday 11 May 2010


Two posts in one week??? What going on with the world!? Of course little critters growing is the perfect reason to blog and I can't resist sharing these couple of pics. I thought I'd give the little girlies (checkout the optimism!) another test of flash photography and while they weren't thrilled they seemed ok with my firing off a couple of frames!

It never fails to amaze me how quickly they grow their feathers, some of them (particularly the Blue Hamburgh and getting pretty big wing feathers now! You can also see the start of some gorgeous Gold Laced colouring on the cute Orpington at the front of this first pic!


Debbie said...

Oh Bless they are getting big. I wonder how many of them are Cockerel's.

Sandie Da Silva said...

OMG! Sure they've grown since Sunday!

Kerry said...

WOW they are gorgeous. Lots of scrapping opportunities there.

Carole said...

They really have grown quickly! Feathers already! WOW. Hope they are girls. Still think the yellow ones are the cutest at this stage!
Carole x

greyparrot said...

oh. my. goodness.
I LOVE them! What little poppets! *huge grin*
I got the green cube btw, although a month on and I still can't use it as the front panel holes are in the wrong place so we can't attach the ladder! Although we will be having a handmade ramp (we got two new rescue girls) we need the original ladder on there to attach it to.
Off to the vets yet again later, I think (and worry) that we have mycoplasma going round the girls :( We'll get it sorted though. Hope your broods are all ok x