Wednesday 14 August 2013

First steps - refashioning.

I've been doing a few bits of 'soft craft' recently. An iPad case here, a camera strap there but when I stumbled across the Refashionista blog I knew what my next endeavour would be. I've binge read the entire blog and while our UK charity shops seem to be nothing on a par with US thrift stores I will find time to get out there and find a few bits! In the meantime I stole this frankly hideous top out of Mother's bag of clothes that she'd earmarked to go to the charity shop and made a pledge to have a go at making SOMETHING out of it.

It looks even worse on... not flattering.

So I laid it out on the floor and set about working out what bits I needed to change to make this top a skirt... before I made much of a start, I did have a bit of a setback... Lola seemed to think It was only fit for making into a dog bed.

Once I'd booted her off, I ruthlessly sliced off the whole top part of the top, down to the bottom of the neckline.

Then simply sewed up both sides to make a skirt shape that fitted my arse. I hemmed the top voila... one skirt! 

It's not perfect, and I won't be winning any prizes for my sewing skills, but here it is! Now I just need to find somewhere to wear it!

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