Friday 16 August 2013

Xpress Delivery!

This week saw us filming a few more episodes of Creativity TV and this time I was lucky to be joined by some lovely friends, namely Becky James, Lou Collins and Sarah Linda. Excitingly we have a lovely new studio with plenty of space to get crafty! It's even got a fun cafe downstairs for a well deserved lunch break! Here's Becky prepping for one of the shows... the eagle eyed among you might spot the focus of this episode!

Yes, we were very excited to be getting to grips with the fabulous new A4 die-cutting machine from Xcut -  the Xpress! I'm pretty lucky to be among the first to play with the awesome bit of kit, and it doesn't disappoint.

My favourite thing is its clever dial that lowers and raises the rollers so you don't need umpteen shims and plates to cut ANY die or to use any embossing folder you care to think of. It also satisfies my love of soft craft as I've not used any machine that cuts felt and other fabrics as well. It's going to be perfect for patchwork! It also looks pretty darn sleek and takes up very little room when it's all folded up - rather surprising for an A4 machine.

There's only about a month or so until it's in the shops so keep an eye out so you can get your hands on one!

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