Tuesday 28 January 2014

Colour Inspiration #1 - Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I'm often asked about where the best places to get inspiration and the usual answer is all around you. Of course it's not always that easy and sometimes we all need a little helping hand. So today sees my first colour inspiration post. I've used one of my own photographs to pull a fun and complimentary colour palette together which will hopefully be just the nudge you use to try something new where colour is concerned or just to kick start your crafting/decorating/outfit of the day!

This week's picture is on some gorgeous Montbretia in my garden and while it'll be a little while before it's in bloom this splash of colour seems perfect to brighten up a dull January day.

Please do share in the comments if you make or create something using my colour combo! I'd love to come and see what you make of it!

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