Monday 16 June 2014

Happy Anniversary Fitbit!

A year ago today a little gadget entered my life and promptly changed it forever.

I bought my Fitbit on a bit of a whim to go along with a desire to lose some weight and get active. It certainly did the job - it got me motivated to keep moving with 'badges' awarded via the iPhone app for each distance/step and floors climbed milestone and synced perfectly with My Fitness Pal to keep me on track with monitoring my calorific intact.

So to date, here are the vital statistics!

Distance travelled - 1485 miles. That's as far as London to Athens.
Floors climbed - 7961 - That's only 39 floors off my 8000 'badge' that is apparently as high as the clouds!
3,423,819 steps in total.
Total year weight loss - 5 stone.

I can honestly say I'd be lost without my Fitbit - I can only think of one day in the last year that I left it at home and I felt positively bereft (and inspired to go for a good long walk in the evening to make up some numbers) and it's now as much a part of my daily life as getting dressed.

So thanks Fitbit - you changed my life.

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