Friday 21 March 2008

A hooved theme?

Anyone would think I only have cows to photograph! I just can't resisit them though! Just check out their little faces!

Anita and I have been cooking up a little plan! It's sounding like great fun and a great excuse to invest in some more photographic kit! So if you love your furbabies.. but despair of catching a great picture, you might like to watch this space!


Jo said...

Fantastic pic Katy! Soooo sweet! :)

Very intrigued to hear what you and Anita have been planning - will definately watch this space....well I do lurk alot anyway he he!

And yes Ms China man, I did think that after about the lie ins. Wishful thinking really. I did mention to P that we should get a baby monitor and he said we wouldn't need one of them - we'll hear him alright! :)

Happy Easter! x

Bunnymommy said...

How'd you get so close to those cute cows? Def going to watch this space...

Happy Easter x