Sunday 16 March 2008

I'll be there for you!!

It's amazing what a bit of stress and anger can do for your creativity! I've been churning out the pages already today and i'm just off to do some more! It's such a shame when people you think are kind generous souls show their true colours. Thanks goodness for the people who you can really count on to be there for you... You know who you are!


Anita said...

Hugs Katy , hope youve had fun creating today . Gorgeous piccie of Martha as always !

Anita x

purple_nikki said...

Hi Katy,
It was good to 'chat' to you last night.
Lots of happy smiley faces this morning!!!
Remember - always wear your frown upside-down! The people who cause a big frown are not worth your effort or time!
Think of all the new fabby things coming our way and that will make you smile!
Nikki x

Emma said...

Not sure whats happened now I don't sit in your office (I feel like we are strangers these days) but I hope you can start wearing a smile on that pretty face of yours!

Hope your mum is getting better!!

Hugs to you and happy scrapping. xx