Tuesday 31 March 2009

The obvious explanation?

There has been a story in the news yesterday and today about 'sightings' of a bear in a wood in Suffolk. I truly can't believe that there are bears secretly roaming the UK... the explanation to me is obvious... it's clearly a Newfie! I remember a story of a Newfie in Canada who the owner had to dress in a hi-vis jacket during hunting season as people were forever reporting bear sightings in her town!
There was asimilar story a couple of years ago where a innocent Newfie was mistaken as the 'Beast of Dartmoor'. No wonder some people give us a wide berth on dog walks!!
A quick page of my own Brown Bear to share again today... it's a very serious looking Martha posing by the bookcase. It's mostly using the March Studio Calico kit.
I also knocked up a couple of bracelets over the weekend and grabbed a pic for my 365 yesterday, love the colours of these rich azure beads!


Ana Baird said...

Love this layout Katy! Martha is really cute. I just received the post and necklace. Thank you so much! Your bracelets are lovely!

PinkLadyMel said...

Those azure beads look stunning with the clear Katy, you have a real talent for putting colours together.

It really made me giggle wondering if there was a Newf padding about.. RAAh!! Aw now I feel kinda sad, no doggy should be wondering about unloved!!