Monday 9 March 2009

Everyone's a winner!

A bit of sunshine meant two very happy dogs this weekend, lots and lots of paddilng was to be had and I'm sure that I got nearly as wet as them!
080309 Splash
070309 Shake
Despite the BBC's shortsighted view to not screen Crufts this year I enjoyed a few snippets from their online coverage (I for one hopes that the Kennel Club look for an alternative broadcaster in future years even if the BBC come crawling back - I couldn't believe the hypocrisy of critisizing certain breeds like the St Bernard only to cast one on their flagship show - Eastenders!)
I was delighted to see a Sealyham take the top honours this year, it's one of the British Breeds that is at risk of disappearing due to low numbers. Hopefully it will encourage people to look beyone the obvious choices and enjoy this fun little breed. There is always a increase of people wanting a puppy just like the BIS winner and I can't help but be relieved that it's a breed that wouldn't be harmed by this with a bit of luck. Although I do have to admit to cheering for the Pharoah hound - he was totally stunning!
Back to my girls and a page featuring an extreme close up of Miss Martha's big snozz. The page looks decidely wonky here but I promise it's not in real life!

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Vicki said...

aww such a cute layout, i love it!!!