Tuesday 14 April 2009

First Harvest!

It's only early days but i'm really getting into the whole 'grow your own' thing... I've now got Broad Beads, Oriental Salad, Sprouts and Purple Sprouting Broccoli happily residing in my lovely new raised bed - safely tucked away from big stompy Newfy feet - as well as Carrots, Beetroot and Spring Onions in tubs, plus Peas, Runner Beans, Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Peppers, Swiss Chard and more salad in the mini greenhouse! But most exciting of all was my very first harvest of the year! My first yummy scrummy mushroom!

Contrary to the predictions - the weather over the weekend was pretty respectable! I even managed a couple of walkies in shorts!
The girlies had a ball having a bit of a swim...
I snapped some pics of some of the New Forest residents including this adorable foal with his cute white face!
Of course there were the classic Easter moments... one or two chocolatey goodies...
The obligatory bunny ears on the dog... (will continue to try to get the perfect pic!)
But i'm not so sure Martha has REALLY 'got' which holiday it was... as festive penguin made a repeat appearance!!
Don't forget there is a new challenge over at 'A True Friend'... please do pop over and check out the pages and of course join in!!

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Fantastic Pictures..