Wednesday 15 April 2009

Presidential Pup...

Yesterday saw the official reveal of the new 'First Dog' that has moved into the White House with the Obama family.
Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog and I think he'll make a great friend for Malia and Sasha - it looks like he's already making himself at home in the White House.

Of course another breed of water dog has famous presidential links too... President Rutherford Hayes had a Newfy called Hector, President Ulysses Grant also had a Newf who was called Faithful, President James Buchanen's Newf was called Lara and Robert Kennedy's (John's brother) Newf was called Brumus.

I suspect that deep down that the Obama's wanted a Newf too... but with Malia's allergies, the non-shepping PWD was a safer choice!

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Debbie said...

The puppy is lovely.