Thursday 21 May 2009

I promise.... no spoilers!

Well I finally did it, embraced my Trekkie side and popped to my local Empire to watch the new Star Trek film, and it was well worth a watch, amazing CG, stunning cinematography and a great story... but enough of the pleasantries... It was TOTALLY awesome!!!!! With re-makes (or re-inventions) you never know if it's going to be fantastic or a disappointing pile of dross... and thankfully it was the former! The cast were fantastic (Zachary Quinto especially!) and not once was I disappointed with the choices JJ Abrams (who it seems can do no wrong!) made. I loved Chekov's oh so terrible accent in homage to TOS, had a great time spotting the cast before they were properly revealed (spotted Bones a mile off!) and enjoyed enough obscure fan-friendly references (inc Admiral Archer's beagle) to keep any Trekkie happy. All in all a great night out...!
So enough of the fan girl squee..... here's another page in my continuing mission (get it?) to use my Sassafras numbers... This one was easy using a ''#1'. It also includes a yimmy cork deer from Chatterbox - their latest stuff is pretty good!!
My pic of the day last night was a bit of a last minute thing... I'm ashamed to say I'd nearly forgotton all about it! However I did of course have my camera in my bag on the way home from the film last night and grabbed this quick pic of the sun setting over the heath.


Amanda said...

Hi Katy, We went to see Star Trek with similar trepidation (we've never recovered fully from Star Wars Episode 1!), and came away similarly overjoyed that it was so good :-) ZQ was *so* brilliant (is he Leonard Nimoy's love child do you think?) and Chekov's accent helped to make us nostalgic about Star Trek IV ("Where are the nuclear wessels"), so we had to click it on eBay when we got home :-) Amanda x

Benga said...

The movie seems interesting, it was a long time ago the last time I watched an episode, I'll try to catch that movie.
Cute LO btw! and that deer is adorable!