Monday 18 May 2009

Not what you'd call subtle...

The new BG LIme Rickey isn't what you'd call subtle, but I still love it! The cute birds are a bonus of course! I grabbed some yummy green Prima alphas in felt that I had sitting around and created this page featuring Martha and one of her favourite toys. Maybe this page says more about my throwing skills though... her doys do end up in the pond quite often!

I dashed out between the showers over the weekend to walk the doglets and do a quick recee of the forest for any likely subjects - Martha is an obvious choice...

But even better was my first Donkey Foal of the year! This little girl was less than a day old, as her mum was pretty darn pregnant the day before!

Amongst all the rain a couple of bright periods snuck up on me - just in time to get out and about in the garden (latest additions are Aspargus Peas, Kohl Rabi and the planting out of all my beans) and to grab a few pictures of the girls in soem early evening sunshine.

And when the rain did come down I wasn't even that sad as I had a lovely new Studio Calico kit to play with including this lovely addition! (Pages to share soon!)

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Laura said...

AWWWWW, you know I love the little donks!

Super cute! x