Monday 29 March 2010

Chooks about town...

Chickens are everywhere on the highstreet at the moment, of course it doesn't hurt that it's Easter, but even putting that aside chooks are big news at the moment. As a chicken keeper it's quite a treat!

On a (rare) recent trip to Tesco I couldn't resist rummaging through their seasonal offerings and picked up this big girly! I also grabbed a gorgeous Easter mug, that's safely nestled on my desk at work!

The other chickeny bits and pieces out there haven't gone unnoticed, but so far I have managed to resist them!

I really love this gorgeous folk art style chicken from John Lewis, particularly its dangly legs!

And from the same store this tea cosy is rather tempting!

The next two are from M&S... a cute ceramic egg basket -

And a pair of fun egg cosies!

And it's not just chickens - eggs are big, and who could resist a purple spotty egg timer from Paperchase?

1 comment:

Kerry said...

The ceramic egg basket is my favourite, might have to treat myself. Thanks for sharing.