Monday 10 February 2014

Current and January Favourites - Things I'm Loving Right Now!

I've never done a blog post like this, but I've recently been watching a whole lot of You Tube recently ad this seems to be 'the done thing' among vloggers, so why not cross it over to a regular blog? So here goes with my first ever January Current Favourites! While most of the favourites vids you see on You Tube are almost wholly beauty related, as expected mine is a bit more eclectic and decidedly less 'high end'!

First up is this Carmex lip balm - even though we've not had a huge amount of cold dry weather so far this winter, I find myself on more than my fair share of sand blasted, wind swept beaches and cliff tops and chapping of the lips is a definite problem! I have quite a few lip balms and this is definitely the best for me at the moment. It's not too creamy or greasy and moisturises without being oily and sticky. Best of all it's only £2.69!

Next favourite is my Fitbit! I won't bore you again with my saga of how much I love this, but if you want to read more than go here! Suffice to say it's been a favourite for a while (since June) but I can't resist putting it into my first post of this type!

 Next up are a pair of sunglasses. I'm a big sunglasses fan, but REALLY can't be trusted with fancy designer versions - I've lost count of the number of pairs I've either sat on while they were in my back pocket, or knocked on the driveway and then driven over, or lost in the sea..... you get the picture. So when Primark roll out their sunglasses at this time of year, I go to town!

I bought some classic faux Aviator Ray Bans as well as some black faux Wayfarers plus my favourites at the moment these white 'faux-farers'! Lots of fun and just the thing to get me in the mood for Spring! I'm pretty sure they were each a single solitary quid. One. Uno.

Favourite crafty thing of the month has to be these mini typewriter style alpha stickers from Papermania. They're in the Madame Payraud collection and I literally can't craft without them. They're just £2.50 and I can't think of something I've crafted without them this month!

Next is a bargain sales purchase that I picked up from Cath Kidston in the new year. While the exact purse isn't available anymore there are a few similar ones that are still up for grabs - mine was reduced to just £3.50!! I also have a regular large Cath Kidston purse, but when I'm out without a bag it's too big to pop in a coat or jeans pocket so this is my sneaky solution. This zippy purse holds a couple of cards, but cash for car parks/emergencies and is perfect for when I'm out walking.

It's especially perfect as it slots perfectly into the breast pocket of my much beloved Rab PS Zip top.

 Next faves are the Revlon Lip Butters - I really love these for their moisturising feel and the great range of colours. I prefer the shades that are fairly near to natural lip colour (but better) with my favourites being Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie. I find it quite hard to resist picking another one up every time I find myself in Boots!

Second to last is Fruit Tea! I've never liked coffee and have now pretty much given up tea too. For a while I drank hot water all on it's tod, but am not a total convert to fruit teas. I'm not a fan of anything herbal and despite the efforts of Emma I can't bring myself to enjoy green tea, but anything a bit more berryish (that's totally a word) is good with me. My favourite's have to be Berry Blitz with Echinacea from Morrisons and Sainsbury's Blackberry, Blueberry and Acai Berry infusion. Yummy and zero calories!

Last up is a You Tuber! Rosanna Pansino makes cool cakes and other treats each with a 'geeky' twist. Loving her Star Wars things especially and this Indian Jones - Monkey Brains pudding is awesome! Take a look - I'm sure you'll love her too!

I hope you've enjoyed my favourites for January - I'm hoping to make this a fairly regular thing so come back early Feb for another!

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