Friday 5 December 2014

RNLI Reindeer Run 2014

After the Bournemouth 10km race back in October I had a strange yearning to run more races. They say these things are addictive and it seems 'they' are right! I've got a few big races planned out for next year but the next event on my schedule was definitely a fun one!

On Sunday I ran the 2014 5km Reindeer Run in aid of the RNLI held at Moors Valley Country Park. I wasn't quite up to par, having been suffering from a bad cold for the past few weeks so I was glad to have entered the 5km rather than the 10km that preceded my distance. On arrival at the park each runner was allocated a fun t-shirt and a pair of antlers!

It was quite a sight seeing a whole army of runners each dressed the same and wearing bright red antlers!

After a warm up (still wearing those antlers) the whole field lined up and cheerily bounded away from the starting line for a chilly 3 and a bit miles through the forest! It was a wonderful event and I can highly recommend signing up for a race - especially a charity one to lift the spirits and also to keep your running on course through the winter season!

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