Sunday 7 December 2014

November as seen from Instagram.

Here's some monthly highlights as seen on my instagram - you can follow me here - @katygodbeer to see what I'm getting up to next!

1. Post halloween 15km run complete with glittery nails - a throwback from the previous nights party!

2. A 9pm mercy dash to save a neighbours fish from a broken fish tank means I have some rather large new pets!

3. Filming new episodes of 'In the Studio' for docrafts - such fun times!

4. Giving blood at my local donation session - why not sign up too?

5. New 'kicks'. Never thought I'd wear out a pair of running shoes, but them's the facts!

6. Trying out some rather fabulous new boots at the Hotter event - blog post coming very soon!

7. My first ever running related fall and my first skinned knees since first school!

8. Festive photo shoot for do crafts Creativity magazine - Christmas jumpers and photo-booth fun!

9. My current favourite winter warmer - roasted veg including sweet potato and squash.

10. Mermaids purse found on the beach during my weekend walk.

11. You can tell it's winter when you start going out for a run like an extra from Kick-Ass!

12. I'm a geek of so very many types. Running geek vs comic-book geek. Take your pick!

13. Love it when a new issue of do crafts Creativity Magazine hits my desk! The December issue is just awesome!

14. Finally some sun on a weekend and a walk at one of my favourite local haunts with the dogs.

15. Finishing the month on a high with the RNLI Reindeer Run 5km race.

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