Wednesday 26 March 2008

Om nom nom!

Went to an amazing Chinese in Poole tonight called Flame (I'm sure a name like that needs an exclamation mark!) with some of the crop girls and have come home rather full....It was so yummy and we had a good old gossip and a great laugh! I don't think i'll be able to eat for the rest of the month which is actually just as well as I probably can't afford to because this little beauty arrived today...

It's long, white and has that all important little red 'L'. I want the weekend to be here NOW so I can set him loose, but for now he's safely tucked up in bed in his own little suedette sleeping bag! Sleep tight!


Jo said...

Katy you never even mentioned it tonight! So what i
does the magic 'L' do??

joe said...

looks big is it brilliant and light?