Wednesday 19 March 2008

What a loads of cows!

No, not you!! These guys! I think the Highland Cows are my favourites of the New Forest residents, especially as you don't get much farther than the Highlands in the UK! They are pretty mellow and I was able to get pretty close - you wouldn't want to startle them with those horns and Martha stayed safely in the car!!

Off to the crop tonight and i'm a bit gutted that my Studio Calico Kit didn't turn up... I was hoping to travel light tonight! Never mind.. I guess I'll load my tote up and off i'll go!


Sandie Da Silva said...

love those pics, especially the first one!

Beckie aka Bexter or Beckied said...

Oh these are my FAVOURITE animals, even though I am petrified of them! Big fluffy cuddly things! Good to see there is some Scotland with you!!