Monday 20 October 2008

It's Good to Give!

There's something warm and reassuring about the new Studio Calico kit, it's got a real Autumn vibe going on and the sort of palette that goes with all my pictures at the moment.
This weekend was gorgeous but it's the countdown to the dreaded changing clocks now... so to cheer myself up i'm going to get thinking about costume ideas for Halloween.... not for me, for the dogs you understand! Any ideas gratefully received! Last year will be tough to beat... Click here and here for the lowdown on last years offerings!

As a thankyou for one great idea i've got one of these Dark Chocolate BasicGrey chipboard albums to give away to one lucky reader!!

Leave me an idea in the comments section and i'll pick one at the end of the week!


Laura said...

How about a mummy/evil Andrex puppy? Toilet rolls, some fake blood etc! Could be a bit difficult for the outfit to stay put though.

So alternatively I offer Rainbow bright, of cute 1980s tv fame

Laura x

~Vicki~ said...

aww how cute that your dogs get dressed up!!! bless them.....
how about 60's retro? huge sunglasses, beaded necklaces etc..... lol would be funny.

i am still loving your blog xxx

Anita said...

Now I would really love you to come up with a Puss in Boots type outfit for Martha , especially the boots....... ! Or maybe.... Little Red Riding Hood ... or a ballerina ... but what I want to know Katy is what youre going to dress up as!

Anita xx

johnesmith said...

Loads here! :
have to say I love the yoda one!! Or the candy corn dog on the second page!
Ok I offically have PSML looking through them all! Good luck!

johnesmith said...

OK ohps John Smith is me Beckie Dreyer!!! My Dad is John!!