Sunday 21 December 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Despite my December Studio Calico arriving i've been so busy getting bits sorted for Christmas I haven't had a chance to craft all week - that's going to change today though!
I've nearly finished my wrapping and try as I might I can't resist paper that errs on the side of cheese - it would be a whole lot less fun to have perfectly elegant gifts each with a coordinating topper, for me Christmas is about tradition and for me wrapping needs to be a bit more fun!
I had a wonderful little (ok... giant) helper this year getting everything wrapped, but i'm not sure stomping on the paper as you cut it is that helpful... in any case every bit of sticky tape has the odd stray brown hair trapped beneath and most likely a few dribbly spots for good measure...inevitable when this... is about two inches from your arm!
I want to get on and take a few pics of each of my favourite tree ornaments - this cute little chick decked out in hat and scarf is a fave so thought I share... I'm going to break out the tripod again later and take some nice long exposures to avoid flash, but this is one to keep me going in case I never get round to it!
Of course with all the festive preparations some things can't be forgotton, doglets still need entertaining and and Martha doesn't care how cold it is... she still needs a paddle, although I'm sure I ended up wetter than her!


Debbie said...

Martha has the most expressive face. I can totally relate to the drawl, spent about an hour yesterday getting slobber of the Utility room ceiling and cupboards...!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas..

Sarah xx said...

How wonderful! Martha looks like she is really enjoying herself!
Hope you all have a happy Christmas!

Kathy said...

lol, great pics!

Thanks for popping by my blog - wishing you a very happy Christmas