Wednesday 17 December 2008

Om nom nom...

Fingers crossed I think I'm past the worst of my lurgee... and thank goodness it was just in time for a scrummy Christmas luncheon at our local olde-world local pub with the guys and girls in the product team at work. I went against tradition and scoffed a big ol' steak between wholy traditional prawn cocktail and essential Yule log.
On the topic of food here's a page featuring Martha scoffing her din-dins. It's definately one of her 2 favourite times of day (just behind lunch!) and takes her all of 2 mins to polish off. This one is again with the SC November kit  - i'm making good use of it while I wait not so patiently for the December one to arrive!

Talking of  food... is it wrong to hanker after tomorrrow's advent chocolate?

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