Sunday 28 June 2015

AfterShokz Sportz 3 Headphones - Review

I love a bit of new running gear and recently picked up some new headphones for running -   They are the AfterShokz Sportz 3 and are over the ear headphones with a few unique features, the primary of which is that they use bone-conduction technology and don't actually go in your ears, leaving them available to hear what's going on around you. This might be traffic, bikes sneaking up behind you on the trail or other runners in a race but allowing you to still listen to music at the same time - essential for long runs especially!

The headphones come in a great semi-hard case - especially useful for chucking in your run-bag as it'll protect them from getting crushed/broken.

Inside is a section for storing the cables (more about that later)and any other bits and bobs you might like to store in the case - I pop my iPod inside to keep that safe also. There is also the main section for the headphones with an elastic start to hold them securely.

The unique nature of these headphones is that they allow you to listen to music but also keeping the ability to hear what's going on around you. This is achieved by the two pads that sit immediately in front of your ears rather than inside your ears. The pads have a smooth and fairly soft covering and I can confirm that they are really very comfy. I ran 13 miles this morning and didn't notice them at all. 

I was a little concerned that it might be rather uncomfortable to wear my running sunglasses at the same time, but this was completely fine too. The   have a cable to attach to your phone/iPod but wireless/bluetooth compatible options are available also, but as I use a iPod rather than my phone for music these wouldn't work for me.

 The cable of course connects via this handy volume control with a clip on the back to secure to your running vest. The orange button is a power button and the little flap to the right hand side is for a micro-USB cable to charge the unit - the power reportedly lasts 12 hours and only takes 2 hours from flat to fully charged.

 The AfterShokz are also water-resistant so I'd have no worries using them in the rain and they certainly felt comfy in hot weather today - they are definitely sweat proof!

I'm really impressed with both the sound quality (I'd say they are as good or better than my Yurbuds) considering that they aren't even in your ears! It seems almost unreal that bone conduction (using vibrations to the bones in your inner ears) can do such a good job! I was able to chat with other passing runners today without turning off my music or taking off my headphones and could hear bikes sneaking up behind me and hear people around corners on the trail ahead - there are definitely no surprises with these! I could even hear the birds singing in the woods!

AfterShokz Sportz 3 are RRP £49.95

Juneathon Day 28 update - 13.1 glorious miles today - it was really hot and I was very grateful for my Camelbak and got through most of the 1.5l. 


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