Monday 2 August 2010

It's been a while...

I've had a bit of a busy few weeks.... some good, some not so good, but it all added up to no time to do much at all and certainly no time to scrapbook 'just for fun' or to blog.

I sadly lost a couple of my chicks in the last couple of weeks, but after a dose of medicine fingers crossed the rest are hopefully going to be fine... I hatched some Poland chicks a couple of weeks ago too and these are the latest pics of a couple of them -  check out the link to my flickr over on the right for the baby pics!

I also had a stressful and worrying time with Martha too. She suddenly became quite ill and was diagnosed as having a closed Pyometra - this is a womb infection and is a potentially very dangerous condition. The only effective treatment is an emergency spay operation before it ruptures (like a hysterectomy) and within about 10 mins of a diagnosis my fabulous vets had her on the table and operated to save her. Thankfully all went smoothly and later that night she was home safe and sound all be it dosed up on prescription pain killers! Of course after an op one of the biggest dangers is pulling their own stitches out so I spent the next ten days sleeping on the sofa to baby-sit her, as well as getting up two or three times a night to take her for a pee!

Here is her ladyship relaxing in the garden a week or so after the op...

As well as a big bald tummy with a very neat wound!

Coming back up to date, I've just put the new challenge live over at A True Friend - we really would love it if you joined in with the challenges - while the blog is all about pets, we won't hold it against you if you use the themes for pages about any topic!! Here's my page - it's all about a day when Lola pulled out a dubious object from a local river... I was convinced I was going to be on the local news for finding some body bits! Thankfully it was only an old delfated dinghy! The journalling is under a great big flap on the left of the layout.

I think that's enough for now... promise I'll be back soon!


Melanie Marshall said...

Awesome post.. not so awesome news though :( Didn't know you had lost some chicks.. poor babies. I love your new Polish cutesys with mohawks.. they're gorgeous!!

I was wondering what the heck the title was about on your layout.. now I know.. made me chuckle :)

Kerry said...

So glad to hear that Martha is recovering well from her op but am sorry that you lost some of you chooks.