Monday 29 June 2015

The Cargo Runner

Innovations and new concepts in the running world are always interesting and I spotted this new innovation by young London designer Sven Ladiges - it's a new method of transporting your gear especially when run-commuting.

Called the Cargo Runner it's what appears to be a standard rucksack but with a hidden secret - inside the bag is a set of wheel, a waist band and a connecting sprung tube so that bumps in the road don't affect your movement.

The video makes it look rather convincing and while I have some reservations about how it would handle the rather more rugged surfaces I run on - even the pavements around here are full of tree roots, it's definitely really interesting. It could certainly make an impromptu run to work easier and would negate any need to prep in advance!

Junathon update day 28 - After my half marathon distance yesterday I did a short recovery run (although I'm not sure how much my quads thanked me for it!) of 3.8km to bring my total for the week to a cheeky marathon distance!


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