Monday 21 November 2011

Scrapping with Scraps

Continuing yesterday's themes of using scraps and my ongoing obsession with kraft cardstock, here's another page featuring plenty of both plus some pics of one of the gorgeous New Forest pigs that roam about at this time of year to munch all the fallen acorns.

This page is a perfect example of how you can really make the most of your smallest scraps. The central lined/striped panel looks to be about 7-8" but in reality is only about 4"tall. Simply by slicing it in two and hiding the join with more papers/photos you can get the illusion of a much larger piece of paper.

1 comment:

Claire Green said...

Great Pics Katy and I like the layout using all your scraps. It is so suprising to see pigs wodering around in the forest is'nt it?