Friday 13 June 2008

Another one bites the dust!

You can tell it's Friday the Thirteenth when you take a swim with your mobile phone! You'd have thought i'd have learnt after the iPod fiasco (which is still going strong by the way!) but noooooo..... I jumped straight in with Martha and totally forgot about it! I think though I may have asked for it though, I was moaning this morning about how my mobile wasn't holding charge very well.... it certainly isn't now!!

Anyway i've taken the opportunity to give notice on my contract and go 'Pay as you Go' to save a few pennies. Now all i need is a sturdy flip phone with decent call/text prices... any ideas?

A few shots of cutie-pie Martha romping round the garden this arvo... She's blowing coat at the moment (and was still wet in these pics) so is looking a little bit disheveled! I combed out enough coat this morning to create another Newfie! (I promise to try and take some more pics of her in her bib as well... as per requests!)

And to finish some pretty pink flowers! I have no idea what they are but i especially like the little buds waiting to burst open.

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