Wednesday 11 June 2008

Just the Two of Us!

Had a great day today over at Farmer Giles farm pack near Salisbury. Martha was welcomed by the wonderful staff and other visitors as well as by the animals! Martha's a country girl so done of it fazed her at all, except maybe the geese! Her favourite was this CUTE skewbald foal who i'm sure thought Martha was a pony too! They had a big kiss and then trotted about along the fence line together!

She wasn't so sure of the pigs (this is a Kune Kune) and who can blame her with those huge teeth? (tucks??)

The sheep and goats were pretty popular too and they rushed over for Newfy kisses too!

Crop tonight and it was a hoot as always! It's an ongoing 'in' joke that 'Just the Two of Us' is always the perfect title for a page, and tonight Anita came up trumps! (looking back at my photos from today, i think a WHOLE mini book with this title is in order!) I'll try and twist Anita's arm to post it on her blog later! Think her pages were my faves tonight!

1 comment:

Emma said...

OMG! I am so gutted I couldnt make the crop last night - grrrrrrrr.

I like these pics...perfect for your title.

Did you ask the question..."what shall I call my page?" hehehe