Saturday 7 June 2008

Yes.... more! And a unexpected subject!

Few more cute creatures from today, including a Nuthatch, a Great Tit, a VERY scruffy Blue Tit baby, a Greenfinch, Canada Geese and goslings and a Chaffinch....

Another newborn Donkey too!! Think she must have been from last night as she was extra wobbly!
I found myself a nice spot and started snapping away (with what is a fairly substantial lens... and it's white, so i'm not exactly covert.... ) when this keen snapper wandered into frame and found the perfect place for his own shot! Do ya think he missed me? I fired off a few frames and he got the hint and scuttled away!

Had a mammoth scrapping session last night and managed 7 more pages with my Spring Homegrown Scrapbooks kit... I've now used at least a bit of all the pps in the kit! I'll grab a few pics of them tomorrow and share!

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