Monday 9 June 2008

Water + camera = GOOD!

We (yes both Martha and I) had a lovely paddle today! Yes these pics are taken from IN the water and no, it wasn't using my Canon! I was using my cheapy waterproof Olympus instead!

I did get a little wetter than I expected! (About waist deep!) but it's scorching today so it's all good! Is it sad that I have real issues getting a compact to work? I'm so much happier now with the full deal! But i'm also so happy to have the pics to record the moment, better to have some pics than no pics for fear of damaging your equipment! It doesn't always have to be about perfect exposure, amazing compostion and silky smooth bokeh.... my cheapy shock proof, waterproof and almost indestructible little cam let me experience the moment rather than stressing! Off to print these on my loaner Epson and get scrapping this evening!

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