Monday 21 July 2008

Making the most of it...

You can tell you've made the most of a kit (and can be a bit smug all at the same time that you've put it to good use) when you start using the waste sections of chipboard etc on your pages. There were some fab white 'chipboardesque' frames in the July Studio Calico kit and after twigging that the outsidey bit was exactly 8.5x11" it just *had* to become a page! I've stuck a row of photos down one side and then used various left over patterned paper scraps from the kit to back the holes that are showing. With a few bit's and pieces and a title... job done!
Just for Laura... another donkey picture from this evening. Check out how big this baby is getting!
Plus a gorgeous skewbald pony, i'm not entirely sure what she's doing with her hoof!
And of course Martha Moo...caught mid munch on a tasty stick!

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